• For driving licence candidates of all classes
    • For driving licence control checkups (frequency is age-dependent)
    • Evaluations of occupational medicine
    • Evaluations of occupational psychology


Living Will

A sudden illness can lead to an inability to express your will. It is therefore very important to record your wishes in writing in advance. This is called a Living Will, which for example expresses your wishes in regards to visiting rights, the initiation or non-initiation of life-prolonging measures.

You can add your partner to the Living Will as your representative. In an emergency they will be kept informed on your state of health and will be included into any necessary medical decisions. Legal requirements: A Living Will can only be made face-to-face and only by a person who is fully judicious. It should include a precise description of any medical treatments that the patient refuses. After a comprehensive consultation with a medical doctor, the Living Will will be made with a lawyer, solicitor or legally qualified patient representatives.

In cooperation with our trusted lawyer Mag Steiner we are offering you the organisation of a Living Will.

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